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From Tokyo to Naha Okinawa on Japan's newest private jet!
3-day trip to Halekulani Okinawa, a paradise most worthy of the name "Heaven'' 

Charter the Dassault Aviation FALCON 2000LXS(cruising speed: 850 km/h, twin-engine jet engine),  for a luxurious and private new experience at the Halekulani Okinawa.  How about a trip during the year-end and New Year's holidays? As an early bird special, special rates are available for reservations made by the end of November.

Since you will not be sharing the aircraft with a third party, you can travel from Tokyo to Okinawa in privacy and security, without worrying about threats such as COVID-19, terrorism, or hijacking. No time is required for baggage and security checks. Upon arrival at the airport, passengers will be escorted to their aircraft within approximately 15 minutes. In-flight meals and beverages will be prepared according to passengers' requests (choice of  menus for outbound flights and light meals for return flights). At Naha Airport, a courtesy car will be waiting for you on the side of the plane. Upon arrival, you will be transferred directly from the plane to a private car, which will take you to Halekulani Okinawa. 

ツアーお申込み >

Dassault Aviation style FALCON2000LXS(Private jet)


FALCON2000LXS and Mt. Fuji

ファルコン機内-2 1400px

FALCON2000LXS interior

Charter a luxury aircraft, the newest in Japan, which began commercial service this fall. Since you will not be sharing the aircraft with a third party, you can travel to Naha in privacy and peace of mind without worrying about threats such as  coronavirus, terrorism, or hijacking. Passengers will pass through a special route and will not be required to go through baggage and security checks. This medium-range private jet can accommodate up to 10 passengers and can operate nonstop to Singapore. The spacious cabin has 10 comfortable leather seats with room to walk upright, and a table that can be spread out to accommodate four people for meals or meetings. Upon request, beds can be provided during the cruise. We will prepare meals for you on board, so please enjoy the flight time to Naha at your leisure.

Our Jet Service 



There is a dedicated boarding route for private jet passenger. The meeting time at each airport is approximately 15 minutes before departure time. For Haneda Airport, please meet at a location near Tokyo Monorail Seibijo Station. (Address: 1-5-5 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo)

Upon your arrival at the meeting point, you will go through security inspection and  a private car will take you to the side of the aircraft. If you come by your own car, you can park it in the parking lot.  (If you are coming by car with a hired driver or a chauffeur service, it is possible to use a private car to go to the aircraft with prior application. Please contact us in advance if you wish to use this service.



Image of private car for pick-up and drop-off *Not the actual vehicle 

 In-flight meal

4704390_l - Copy-3

In-flight meal image

On outbound flights, our private jet attendants will prepare and serve a seasonal lunch exclusively for you on board. Please choose in advance from the following menu plan. Please note that the menu is subject to change depending on the season and availability.

- Appetizers 
Hors d'oeuvres  
Terrine Campagne with Mustard

- Meal
Beef Curry  
(4) Beef stew with bread or rice (5) Stewed hamburger steak with bread or rice  
(5) Nihondaira Hotel's special stewed hamburger steak with bread or rice (6) Nihondaira Hotel's special Fuji Fuji stew with bread or rice
(6) Fuji no Kuni Pork Cutlet Sandwich
7) Hot Sandwich
Seasonal Japanese Bento

- Salad - ⑨Roast Beef Salad
Roast beef salad
(10) Marinated seafood (11) Green salad

- Soups - ⑫Consommé Soup
⑫Consomme soup
⑫Onion Soup
(⑭Vegetable Potage Soup

- Desserts
⑮Panacotta, green tea mousse, etc.
⑯Baked sweets, chocolate, etc.

On the return flight, Halekulani Chef's special snacks* will be served on board before your arrival at Haneda Airport.   
*Special dishes such as club sandwiches, hamburgers, canapés, salads, fruits, etc., using the best ingredients of the day.

<In-flight drink service
Red wine
White wine
Beer (Evisu/Asahi)
Non-alcoholic beer
Mineral water (exclusive water for SKY TREK)
Green tea (Oi! Tea) Tea)
Green tea ・Soukenbicha ・Soda water (Perrier)
Orange juice (Tropicana)
Coke - Coke Zero
Coffee (Mon Cafe)
Black tea (Lipton)
Beef consommé soup

Please consult with us in advance if you have any allergies or special arrangements for meals, or if you need special arrangements for beverages. Arrangements are subject to availability and additional charges will be incurred depending on the details.



Once you get off the plane at Naha Airport, a private car will pick you up and take you directly to your accommodation.


Image of private car pick-up and drop-off *Not the actual vehicle or equipment.

ツアーお申込み >

Halekulani Okinawa

The Halekulani Okinawa offers guests the sparkling coral blue ocean and white sand beaches, and the serenity of Halekulani's more than 100 years of Hawaiian hospitality. The Beachfront Wing offers the splendor of a paradise resort, while the Sunset Wing is enveloped in elegant serenity.

A total of 355 standard rooms and suites are available in the two accommodation wings. In addition, five villas with private pools (heated) and natural hot springs are scattered around the cliff top.

The space was designed by Champalimaud Design, a New York-based company that has created luxury hotels and residences around the world.

The concept of "Seven Shades of White," Halekulani's identity, is beautifully sublimated in Okinawa, leading guests to a moment of bliss.

The rooms for this tour are the "Orchid Suite" or the "Halekulani Suite," which are the perfect heavenly rooms for your stay. Both suites are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so early reservations are highly recommended.

Guest rooms








Orchid Suite

The Orchid Suite represents the pinnacle of luxury offered by Halekulani Okinawa, with a private pool with spectacular views, a jetted tub, terrace table, and more, it is a space where you can enjoy the highest level of luxury in Okinawa.

Room size: 294㎡.








Halekulani Suite

Halekulani Suite The Halekulani Suite is located on the top floor of the Sunset Wing. Only guests staying in this suite can enjoy the luxury of an outdoor whirlpool bath while watching the sunset.

Room size: 244㎡.






Four restaurants and one bar in the hotel provide you with fresh gastronomic delights.
We hope you will enjoy our original and unique menu, which draws out the full potential of carefully selected ingredients from not only Okinawa but also other parts of Japan. Private rooms are available for a variety of occasions.
For breakfast, choose from a buffet at the all-day dining "House Without A Key" or a Western or Japanese set meal at the innovative "SHIROUX". Enjoy an elegant time at the restaurant of your choice.


Spa Halekulani
(extra charge)

Hawaii and Okinawa have long held a magical healing spirit. At Spa Halekulani, we customize a dreamy spa experience for each guest that blends the healing methods cultivated in these two paradises. Treatments incorporate traditional Okinawan ingredients known as "Nuchigusui," or "life medicine," to bring you to a place of deep relaxation. Beauty care that allows you to experience the most advanced efficacy will lead your skin to its natural beauty. For those who want to shake off the fatigue of daily life, try a massage that gently relaxes the stiffness of the body and mind. The spa's natural hot spring baths are the ideal place to relax before a soothing treatment or massage. A fitness center is also available. The fitness center will help you stay healthy during your stay and help you recover your body and mind.

ツアーお申込み >

Option Plans



Okinawa Helicopter Tour Plan

From Naha Airport, you can charter a helicopter, called the cruiser of the sky, for a scenic flight to enjoy the beautiful nature of Okinawa from the sky. This is a recommended activity for the day you arrive at the airport or before you leave. The aircraft to be chartered is the AS355, an aircraft with a proven track record in Japan. It is equipped with twin-engine engines, and has a safe, low-vibration aircraft with a high-performance soundproofing system that allows passengers to enjoy free conversation in the cabin.

Route Flight time

number of passengers


Kerama Islands National Park Course

30 min

Up to 5 persons

¥132,000 (tax included)

Underwater Road, East Coast Course

45 min

Up to 5 persons

¥198,000 (tax included)

Premium Round-the-Island Course

65 min

Up to 5 persons

¥286,000 (tax included)


ツアーお申込み >

Tour Plan Overview

Trip Price:(inclusive of tax, service charge, and fuel surcharge)
The price includes tax, service charge and fuel surcharge.
The trip fee varies depending on the date of reservation. The date of reservation is the date when the travel contract is concluded (date of receipt of the trip fee and issuance of the reservation confirmation).

Children: When sleeping in an existing bed with a parent or guardian, the maximum age for sleeping with a parent or guardian is 12 years old, and one child per adult is allowed to sleep with the parent or guardian. Please note that breakfast will be charged separately for children who sleep in the room with breakfast (free of charge for children aged 0 to 6).

(1) Reservation period: September 13, 2022 - November 30, 2022

Orchid Suite(Capacity 4 persons)Total room charge
2 adults per room
(Price per person)


3 adults per room
(Price per person)


4 adults per room
(Price per person)



Halekulani Suite(Capacity 2 persons)Total room charge
2 adults per room
(Price per person)


②Reservation period: December 1, 2022 to January 19, 2023

Orchid Suite(Capacity 4 persons)Total room charge
2 adults per room
(Price per person)


3 adults per room
(Price per person)


4 adults per room
(Price per person)


Halekulani Suite (Capacity 2 persons)Total room charge
2 adults per room
(Price per person)



Reservation period: September 13, 2022 (Tuesday) - January 19, 2022 (Thursday)
Travel Period: Thursday, December 1, 2022 - Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Travel schedule: 3 days/2 nights
Meals: 2 breakfasts
Number of travelers:Up to 4 adults *Please consult us for more than 5 persons.
Minimum number of travelers: 2 persons
Departure: Tokyo/Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)
Arrival :Okinawa/Naha Airport
Flight Operator:Fuji Business Jet Corporation
Reservation deadline: 7 business days prior to departure date
Payment method: Bank transfer or credit card *3 business days prior to the start of the itinerary
Base date for travel conditions: September 1, 2022
Emergency contact during travel: 050-1744-2588 (SKYTREK Reservation Desk)

Sample Itinerary

Day 1   Schedule
10:45   Meet at Haneda Airport
11:00   Departure from Haneda Airport


  Lunch on board


  Arrival at Naha Airport


  Departure from the aircraft side by courtesy car


  Arrival and check-in at Halekulani Okinawa

*Departure time at Haneda Airport will be after 11:00 a.m.
(The time may be slightly changed after adjusting the use of the airport. We will inform you of the official time after your reservation is confirmed and before your departure.)

Day 2   Schedule
All day   Free


Day 3   Schedule
12:00   After check-out, take a courtesy car to Naha Airport.
14:00   Arrive at Naha Airport plane side


  Departure from Naha Airport


  Flight to Haneda Airport with Halekulani Okinawa's special refreshments


      Arrival at Haneda Airport


  Disimissal at Haneda Airport


*Departure time from Naha Airport is no later than 18:00.
(The time may be slightly changed after adjusting the use of the airport. We will inform you of the official time after the reservation is confirmed and before your departure)

ツアーお申込み >

Cancellation Fee Rules (Offered Type of Travel)

Date of Cancellation of Travel Contract

Cancellation Fee

21 days prior to the start of the trip

free of charge

20 to 8 days prior

20% of tour fee

7 to 2 days prior

30% of tour fee

The day before

40% of tour fee

The day

50% of tour fee

No-show or no-show after the start of the trip

100% of tour fee


Included in the trip price

・Dassault Aviation FALCON2000LXS aircraft charter from Haneda to Naha and back

・Round-trip transportation between Naha Airport and Halekulani Okinawa
A set of in-flight meals (outbound/return)

・2 nights and 3 days accommodation at Halekulani Okinawa (including 2 breakfasts)

 Items not included in the tour fee

・Transportation to the meeting place

・Any additional food and beverage charges for meals at Halekulani Okinawa

・Transportation after the tour ends

・Transportation fee arranged by the customer

・Sightseeing, food and beverage during free time

・Optional plan (helicopter tour)



Reservations for this plan will be confirmed after we have received your preferred date and time. Please contact SKY TREK Reservation Desk for availability.
Additional services not included in the above plans will be charged separately.
Halekulani Okinawa has a check-in time of 3:00 p.m. and check-out time of 12:00 noon.
Smoking is not permitted on the plane, in the pick-up and drop-off vehicles, or in the rooms.
Please refrain from consuming alcohol in the pick-up and drop-off vehicles.
Please refrain from taking pictures during takeoff and landing.
Departure time, flight course, and flight time may be subject to change due to weather and climate conditions on the day of departure.
We will inform you of the flight status of the charter aircraft at around 4:00 p.m. on the day before departure.
Flight time may vary depending on passenger weight, total baggage weight, weather conditions, etc.
Only carry-on baggage is allowed in the cabin, and all checked baggage must be placed in the cargo hold.
If you wish to carry golf bags, please let us know in advance. (Up to 4 golf bags can be loaded)
We will plan and conduct our organized tours in compliance with the "Guidelines for the Response to the New Type of Coronavirus in the Travel Industry.
Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of your trip, we may ask you about your physical condition, and even on the day of the start of your trip, we may not be able to depart depending on your physical condition (subject to the stipulated cancellation fee). Also, on the day of the flight, the pilot of the operating company may ask you about your health condition and request your cooperation in filling out the relevant documents.
We have travel insurance for this tour. For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the reservation page. In addition, we also have aircraft insurance (*see below). We recommend that you purchase your own travel insurance, as there is a maximum limit.

Aircraft Insurance

All private jets operated by Dassault Aviation are covered by the following insurance policies

<Dassault Aviation FALCON 2000LXS aircraft

Comprehensive Liability Insurance for Third Parties and Passengers: Compensation (limit) 15,000,000,000 yen
Riot, hijacking, malicious assault risk, etc.: No
Comprehensive insurance covering passengers and persons who suffer damage on the ground, as well as buildings and facilities damaged on the ground, in the event of an accident.

Passenger Accident Insurance Death benefit: ¥50,000,000
Medical insurance daily benefit amount: ¥20,000 thousand
Number of seats insured: 13
Insured person classification: All passengers
Riot, hijack, malicious assault perils, etc. coverage: No
This insurance covers passengers in the event of an accident that results in the death or injury of a passenger, or in the event that a passenger is injured and requires hospital treatment. In the event of permanent disability, a portion of the death benefit will be paid according to the severity of the disability.

Comprehensive insurance for search and rescue expenses, etc.: Limit of payment 50,000,000 yen
This insurance covers search and rescue expenses incurred in the event of an accident, as well as transportation expenses for the passengers' family members.

Contact Us

For the entire trip and charter aircraft:.
SKYTREK Reservation Desk
050-1744-2588 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00)

For accommodations: Halekulani Okinawa
Halekulani Okinawa 0120-860-072 (9:00-18:00, seven days a week)

Tour Planning and Organization
Member of Japan Association of Travel Agents
Registered Travel Agency No. 2029
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