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We offer you a whole new experience in 2023. Introducing a special private scenic flight to see Mt. Fuji from up close. This flight allows you to have an amazing view of Mt. Fuji from a chartered private jet, exclusively from SKY TREK. We hope you will experience this precious time with your loved ones in private.The jet is a Citation CJ2+ (cruising speed: 750km/h, twin-engine). The chartered flights are not shared with any third parties, so you can fly in privacy and security without worrying about threats such as COVID, terrorism, or hijackings. No hassle of baggage check-in and security checks as you will go through a designated area, just for you, at the airport.Shizuoka Airport is located at the knee of Mt. Fuji. You will pass through a special lounge and in no time at all, you will be at Mt. Fuji. Enjoy the ~60 minute flight.*Fuji may not be visible depending on weather conditions. We will inform you whether the tour will be held the evening before the tour.

Route Image

Shizuoka Airport Mt Fuji
The route may change depending on the weather and other factors.



Meet  at Shizuoka Airport

Departure from Shizuoka Airport by private chartered aircraft to Mt.Fuji


Arrive at Shizuoka Airport


  *Departure times at Shizuoka Airport will be from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. (The time may be slightly changed after adjusting the use of the airport. We will inform you of the official time after your reservation is confirmed and before your departure.) Morning departure is recommended for scenic tours.

Aircraft:Citation CJ2+


Aircraft exterior image 

DSC03399-2 16-9

Aircraft interior image

Four comfortable leather chairs with armrests (two facing each other, each with a recliner), and two folding tables behind the four seats. There are 2 folding tables between the 4 seats. Rest room in the rear. Small pets are allowed. (In-cabin and gauge restrictions apply).

The aircraft is designed to provide a comfortable space for passengers to enjoy the flight.

Tour Plan Overview

Tour Price: ¥600,000 Charter price Tax included
Sales Period: From Monday, January 23, 2023~
Travel Period: All year long
Travel Itinerary: Day trip
Food service: non
Passsenger: up to 6
Minimum number of participants: 1
Departue Airport: Shizuoka Airport
Arrival Airport: Shizuoka Airport
Aircraft Operator: FUJI BUSINESS JET CO., LTD
Reservation Deadline: 3 business days prior to the flight date
Payement: Bank transfer or credit card *3 business days prior to the flight date
Base date for travel conditions: January 11, 2023
Emergency contact information during the trip: SKYTREK Reservation Desk:050-1744-2588

Cancellation policy (Offered Type of Travel)

Date of Cancellation of Travel Contract

Cancellation Fee

21 days prior to the start of the trip

free of charge

20 to 8 days prior

20% of tour fee

7 to 2 days prior

30% of tour fee

The day before

40% of tour fee

The day 

50% of tour fee

No-show or no-show after the start of the trip

100% of tour fee



Included in the trip price

  • Citation CJ2+ aircraft Sight seeing charter price

Items not included in the trip price

  • Transportation to the meeting place
  • Transportation after the tour
  • Transportation fee by customer's own arrangement


Important Notes
  • Reservations for this plan will be confirmed only after we have received your preferred date and time. Please contact our Reservation Desk in advance to confirm availability.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the plane.
  • One seat is required for ages 3 and above.
  • Please refrain from taking pictures during takeoff and landing.
  • Departure time, flight course, and flight time may be subject to change due to weather and climate conditions on the day of departure.
  • Final information on the charter aircraft will be provided around 4:00 p.m. on the day before departure.
  • Flight times are approximate and may vary depending on the passenger's weight, total baggage weight, weather conditions, etc.
    Only carry-on baggage is allowed on board, and all checked baggage must be placed in the cargo hold. (The cargo compartment is not pressurized, so electronic and other sensitive equipment must be carried on board.) Since the aircraft will not have access to the cargo hold during the flight, please bring any baggage you will need during the flight into the cabin before boarding.
  • We will plan and conduct our organized tours in compliance with the "Guidelines for Response to New Coronavirus in the Travel Agency". Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of your trip, we may ask you about your health condition, and even on the day of the start of the trip, we may not be able to depart depending on your health condition (subject to the prescribed cancellation fee). Also, on the day of the flight, the pilot of the operating company may ask you about your health condition and request your cooperation in filling out the relevant documents.
  • We carry travel insurance for our tours. For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the reservation page. In addition, we also have aircraft insurance (*see below). (We recommend that you purchase your own travel insurance, as there is a maximum limit.

Aircraft Insurance

The private jets operated by the Citation CJ2+ are covered by the following insurance

<Citation CJ2+>

Comprehensive Third Party and Passenger Liability Insurance: 10,000 million yen (limit)
Riot, hijack, malicious assault risk, etc. coverage: No
Comprehensive insurance covering passengers and persons who suffer damage on the ground, as well as buildings and facilities damaged on the ground, in the event of an accident.

Passenger Accident Insurance
Death benefit amount: 20,000,000 yen
Daily medical insurance benefit amount: ¥0,000 yen
Number of seats insured: 8
Insured person classification: All passengers
Riot, hijack, malicious assault perils, etc. coverage: No
This insurance covers passengers in the event of an accident that results in the death or injury of a passenger, or in the event that a passenger is injured and requires hospital treatment. In the event of permanent disability, a portion of the death benefit will be paid according to the severity of the disability.

Comprehensive insurance for search and rescue expenses, etc.: Limit of payment 20,000,000 yen
This insurance covers search and rescue expenses incurred in the event of an accident, as well as transportation expenses for the passengers' family members.

Contact Us

For the entire trip and charter aircraft:
SKYTREK Reservation Desk
050-1744-2588 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00)



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