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Private Jet Tour to Matsumoto 
Traditional Japanese resort 

3-day Tour to Tobira Onsen Myojinkan

The traditional Japanese resort of Tobira Onsen (Hotspring) Myojinkan is located in a valley at an altitude of 1050m. This valley is also a designated national park and is just 30 minutes by car from downtown Matsumoto City. With 90 years of history, Myojinkan values its connection to Japanese culture, and those who come to stay here are treated like dear family members. This results in a stay that offers special experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. 

cj2 3-3-1

Citation CJ+2 Image

The private jet allocated to this tour is the Citation CJ2+ aircraft.
(departing from/arriving at Haneda/Kobe Airport, max. 6 PAX)

Chartering a private jet means that you can travel to Matsumoto in complete privacy, and have peace of mind without worrying about risks such as COVID-19, terrorism, or hijacking. Using this special private means of travel you also save time on baggage handling and security checks. Sit back and relax in the leather seating chosen for your comfort. Those feeling peckish on the ride may also avail of a small fold-out table to enjoy your own refreshments. Upon arrival at your departing airport, passengers will be escorted to their aircraft approximately 30 minutes before departure. When you land at Matsumoto Airport, a private car will be waiting for you.

Citation CJ2+ 

There are four comfortable leather seats with armrests (all reclining seats arranged facing one another), and two more seats with fold-out tables installed behind the four seats. The restroom is located to the rear of the aircraft. This layout has been designed to provide as comfortable a space as possible to passengers during the flight.

Our Jet Service at a Glance



Private jet passengers use a dedicated boarding route and are required to present approximately 15 minutes before departure at the dedicated meeting point at each respective airport. Those travelling from Haneda Airport are requested to present at the meeting point which is close to Tokyo Monorail Seibijo Station. (Address: 1-5-5 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo)

Upon your arrival at the meeting point, passengers will undergo a security inspection and be transferred to the aircraft by a private vehicle transfer. Passengers travelling to the airport in their own car may leave it in the airport parking lot, and those travelling by car with a hired driver, or a chauffeur service may use their own car to transfer to the aircraft*application required.  Please contact our team in advance if you wish to avail of this service.

Image of private car for pick-up and drop-off

In Flight


After departing from Haneda Airport, passengers can enjoy their flight to Matsumoto Airport in a private space, and even have the chance of seeing Mt Fuji. In flight passengers can put their feet up and relax in one of the reclining chairs or set up the fold-out table to enjoy a meal. Please note that only bottled tea or water is available on board.

Image of Citation CJ2 + interior 



Once you disembark at Matsumoto Airport, a private car will be waiting to transfer you directly to your accommodation.

Image of private car transfer

Tobira Onsen Myojinkan
Designated Accommodation

Tobira Onsen Myojinkan was established in June 1931, and celebrated its 90th anniversary in June of 2021.
This accommodation’s finest feature is that it is a stand-alone inn located in a national park. Here visitors can enjoy the natural rhythm of the forest’s frequency and the organic chemical compounds (such as phytoncide) emitted from the trees.
The living power of the forest provides a healing presence for those who stay here.
Visitors can relax by listening to nature’s natural frequency and taking in the natural chemicals emitted by the trees, and delve into a deeper state of relaxation and healing by bathing in the natural hot springs.
At Myojinkan’s restaurant, locally grown produce is emphasized, and the menu features locally grown vegetables. 
Local produce that has been cultivated in healthy soil are full of nutrients and vigor not found in the city.
What’s more, the highly potent natural flavors are what make the dishes served here a truly gastronomical experience. 

Guest Rooms


Zen carries the meaning of "as it is" or “as they are”. 
At Myojinkan, uniquely located in a national park, visitors can indulge in a stay that allows them to feel the perpetuity of nature,
a sense of luxury imbued serenity, and an escape from the daily hum and drum.
Have a perfect night’s sleep in Sealy made beds, and take in the view of outside by opening the electric blinds from your bed upon waking.
Waking up to the surrounding colors will make even something as simple as waking up, exceptional.

*Rooms are not fitted with televisions. 
*Smoking is prohibited in all rooms.

Shirakaba: Max. 4 guests, room size 107㎡+ terrace  53 ㎡ (with open-air bath)

Yayu: Max. 2 guests, room size 72 ㎡ + terrace 20 ㎡ (with open-air bath)

Spa Living: Max. 2 guests, room size 72㎡



Spacious Japanese-style room with tatami (traditional Japanese bamboo) flooring. This is an authentic Japanese room and is perfect for experiencing the relaxing atmosphere of a traditional Japanese ryokan.
Room size: 70㎡ (Entrance area , open-air bath (hot spring), western style toilet)

OTAKA(Mixed Japanese & Western Style Room)

Myojinkan’s Otaka building stands along the spring waters of the Susuki River, which flows by Myojinkan. The name Otaka comes from the Japanese term for hawk, because a hawk can be seen from time to time soaring gracefully over the river. The Otaka building has rooms with Western beds. The rooms here are also fitted with Sealy beds to guarantee a comfortable night's sleep.
Room size: 56 ㎡(Entrance area, western style toilet, mantlepiece)


Guests can  indulge in beautiful nature and soothing hot spring waters along during their stay. And in addition to the many pleasures on offer, Myojinkan also wishes that guests may  experience the delicacies of Matsumoto to their heart’s content. Because of this desire, every morsel of food served is infused with the power of nature (sun, earth, and water) from which the produce has been cultivated. 
Guests can choose from two restaurants during their stay to suit their own preferences and enjoy the unique taste that comes from a dedication to consuming locally grown produce. In this extraordinary setting surrounded by the beautiful nature of Tobira Onsen, enjoy carefully prepared French cuisine with an emphasis on attention to detail that incorporated using an abundance of seasonal ingredients and flavors loved by locals.
Guests can enjoy both one meal of French cuisine and Japanese cuisine as standard, but having French cuisine or Japanese cuisine for both meals is also available on request.





Naturel French SAI

This restaurant’s French cuisine is based on the concept of ‘you are what you eat’, and the courses composed of local vegetables are simple yet eloquent. KUSHI certified macrobiotic chef Masahiro Tanabe replicates the changing seasons of Matsumoto in each dish he creates. Here guests can enjoy a gastronomical experience in harmony with nature in a way that cannot be found in the city.





Shinshu Dining「TOBIRA」 

The dishes served at this restaurant fuse the traditional food culture of Matsumoto with modern techniques and tastes. Local seasonal ingredients are combined innovatively to create dishes that leave guests feeling blessed to be able to be in Japan. The dishes awaiting the guests are carefully crafted to create a feeling of nostalgia even for those for whom it is their first time encountering the dish or flavors.


According to hearsay, the Shinto deities used to visit this area to bathe in the hot springs.
One of these deities, Amanotajikarao no Mikoto, renowned for carrying Amano-iwato (rock from a cave in heaven) is also said to have visited here.
It is said that the hot spring bath was so relaxing, that he forgot the rock when leaving, and that the large rock at the entrance of the mountain (also known as Tobira Iwa) is this rock from heaven. 
Guests can bathe in the hot springs of the deities, and recharge before returning home. 

Deep bath-Setsugetsuka
This hot spring facing onto Wasabi Valley opens out with expansive views of the surrounding nature, allowing guests to breathe in the fresh clean air and to feel at one with nature. 
A deep bath allows bathers to stand and soak in the natural hot spring waters up to their waist and are ideal for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of the nature.
The hot spring waters are said to improve blood circulation as well as regulate the circulatory system. And the alkaline nature of the water also improves skin texture.
This bath allows guests to soak their body and mind in the richness of nature. 

Guests can enjoy three hot springs, including the spacious bath "Hakuryu" which has both and indoor and open-air bath, and "Kuzan," a bed style bath where guests can lay down and rest their head on a wooden pillow as they enjoy the hot spring water.

Tour Plan Overview

Tour fee:
The price includes taxes, service charge and fuel surcharge. 
A discount of ¥60,000 (incl. tax) will be applied to preschool children per infant per night for Shirakaba and ¥25,000 (incl. tax) per infant per night for Yamashina and Otaka bookings.


Shirakaba(Max. 4 guests)Yayu(Max. 2 guestsSPA Living(Max. 2 guests)
Total Cost
2 adults per room
(Rate per person)


3 adults per room
(Rate per person)


4 adults per room
(Rate per person)


Yamashina(Max. 5 guestsOtaka(Wesyern style room)(Max. 2 guestsOtaka (Japanese style room)(Max. 4 guestsTotal Cost
2 adults per room
(Rate per person)


3 adults per room
(Rate per person)


4 adults per room
(Rate per person)


5 adults per room
(Rate per person)





Booking Available: February 20 (Mon), 2023 - July 26 (Wed), 2023
Dates of Travel: April 1 (Sat), 2023 - August 2 (Wed), 2023
Itinerary: 3 days 2 nights
Meals: 2 breakfasts,2 dinners
Number of travelers : Up to 5 adults *Contact for groups of 6 people or more, or multiple rooms.
Minimum number of travelers: 2 adults
Departing from: Tokyo/Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) / Hyogo/Kobe Airport / Aichi/Nagoya Komaki Airport
Destination: Nagano/Matsumoto Airport
Flight Operator: Fuji Business Jet Corporation
Reservation deadline: 3 business days prior to departure date
Payment method: Bank transfer or credit card *to be completed 3 business days prior to departure date
Travel conditions base date: February 27, 2023
Emergency contact during travel: 050-1744-2588(SKYTREKReservation Desk)

Sample Itinerary

*Haneda Airport and Kobe Airport departure times are limited (subject to airport usage regulation time changes. Passengers will be informed the final departure time after the reservation is confirmed.)

Day1   Itinerary
14:45   Present at Haneda/Kobe/Nagoya Komaki Airport
15:00   Flight to Matsumoto Airport by private jet
  (Views of Mt. Fuji if travelling from Haneda Airport)


  Arrival at Matsumoto Airport Departure and private transfer to accommodation


  Check-in at Myojinkan Tobira Onsen
  Over night stay

<Departing Airport>
Mon-Thu :  15:00
Fri    :  11:00
Sat-Sun   :  12:30
*Access to Myojinkan-affiliated facility until check-in is available.
If unavailable a separate waiting area will be provided.

Day2   Itinerary
All day   Free time
Day3   Itinerary
12:00   Private car transfer to Matsumoto Airport on check-out
14:00   Flight to Haneda/Kobe/Nagoya Komaki Airport by private jet


  End of tour at Haneda/Kobe/Nagoya Komaki Airport

See below for departure times from Matsumoto Airport.
Mon-Thu :  13:15 
Fri    :  10:00 
Sat-Sun   :  13:30 
*Your preferred departure time may not be available due to aircraft availability. Thank you for your understanding.


Cancellation policy (Agent-organized Tour)

Date of Cancellation of Travel Contract

Cancellation Fee

21 days prior to departure date


20 to 8 days prior

20% of tour fee

7 to 2 days prior

30% of tour fee

The day before

40% of tour fee

The day 

50% of tour fee

No-show on day of or later than departure date

100% of tour fee


Included in the tour fee

  • Citation CJ2+ aircraft charter flight round trip between Haneda Airport⇔Matsumoto Airport /  Kobe Airport⇔Matsumoto Airport / Nagoya Komaki airport⇔Matsumoto Airport 
  • Round-trip ground transportation fee from Matsumoto Airport to Myojinkan Tobira Onsen
  • 3 days 2 nights  accommodation (with 2 dinners & 2 breakfasts) at Myojinkan Tobira Onsen

Not included in the tour fee

  • Transportation to the meeting point
  • Additional food and beverage charges ordered by the customer at Myojinkan
  • Onward transportation after end of tour
  • Costs of transportation arranged by customer
  • Any costs incurred for sightseeing, food, and beverages during free time



Reservations are finalized after we receive and confirm the requested dates and times. 
Contact our Reservation Desk if you wish to confirm availability in advance.
Costs of additional services not included in the above tour plan above are to be borne by the customer.
Check-in and check-out times for Myojinkan are as follows: Check-in 15:00, Check-out 12:00
Smoking is not permitted in-flight, in the car for private transfer, or in accommodation room. Please refrain from consuming alcohol during transfers.
Please refrain from taking photographs etc. during takeoff and landing.
Departure time, flight route, and flight times may change due to weather conditions or other climatic factors on the day of departure.
Final information on your charter aircraft will be provided at approximately 16:00 on the day before departure.
Flight times are approximate and may vary depending on the passengers’ weight, total baggage weight, weather conditions, and so on.
Only carry-on baggage is allowed on board. All checked baggage must be placed in the cargo hold. (The cargo compartment is not pressurized. Take any electronic or other sensitive equipment on board.) Ensure you take any carry-on luggage that you would like to use in-flight when boarding, as access to the cargo hold is not available during the flight.
Please inform us in advance if you intend to bring a golf bag as part of your luggage. (Max. 4 golf bags can be carried on board.)
All SKYTREK  organized tours are planned and conducted in compliance with travel related COVID-19 guidelines. In order to ensure the safety of your trip, passengers may be asked to confirm their physical condition, and a scheduled departure may be affected by if the passenger is in poor condition even on the day of departure (subject to the prescribed cancellation fee). Additionally, on the day of your flight your pilot may ask you to confirm your physical condition and request cooperation in filling out relevant documents.

As organizers of this tour, SKYTREK has insurance for the tour. For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the reservation page. Additionally, SKYTREK has also registered for aircraft insurance (*see below). However, as there are payout limits to these insurance plans we recommend that passengers also purchase their own travel insurance. 

Aircraft Insurance

Operational private jets are covered by the following insurance.

<Citation CJ2+>

Comprehensive Third Party and Passenger Liability Insurance: ¥10,000 million (limit)
This insurance does not cover riots, hijacking, malicious assault risk, etc. This is a comprehensive insurance that covers damages to passengers and third parties, as well as buildings and facilities damaged on the ground, in the event of an accident.

Passenger Accident Insurance
Death benefit: ¥20,000,000
Daily medical insurance benefit amount: ¥10,000 yen
Number of seats insured: 8
Insured person classification: All passengers
This insurance does not cover riots, hijacking, malicious assault risk, etc.
This insurance covers passengers in the event of an accident that results in the death or injury of a passenger, or in the event that a passenger is injured and requires hospital treatment. In the event of permanent disability, a portion of the death benefit will be paid according to the severity of the disability.

Comprehensive insurance for search and rescue expenses, etc.: ¥20,000,000 (limit)
This insurance covers search and rescue expenses incurred in the event of an accident, as well as transportation expenses for the passengers' family members.




Contact Us

For package tours and charter flights:
SKYTREK Reservation Desk
050-1744-2588 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)

Accommodation inquiries:Tobira Onsen Myojinkan 0120-37-1810
(Open year round 09:00-18:00)

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